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3 common marketing mistakes Small Business Owners make:

“Hope” marketing

This is where you are ONLY relying on word-of-mouth and just hoping that new clients are going to walk in the door. This leads to ups and downs and unpredictability.

“Blind” marketing

This is where you hand everything off to a marketing agency and expect them to solve your problems for you. This leads to you overpaying and having little control over your results.

“Vanity” marketing

This is where you are focused on the wrong data. This leads to a lack of real results. You might gain followers, likes, and comments, but you really need leads, appointments, and sales.

All three of these mistakes give you little to no control over your marketing.

Imagine your business goal is a physical destination...

Making any of these mistakes is like traveling to a destination using public transportation.

You'll have no control over when you get there.

You'll get overcharged for a taxi, get stuck waiting due to train delays, smell bad from the subway, and miss the bus.

If you really want to achieve your goals and get to your destination, you need your own marketing vehicle.

Having your own vehicle gives you complete control of the system.

This will allow you to step on the gas and get to your goals as fast as you want to.

The good news is that we'll build you your own vehicle...

At ScaleLocal, we set you up with your own automated, in-house marketing system.

Having your own marketing vehicle is the only way to get lasting results.

Local Business Owners Love Using ScaleLocal

Local business owners add, on average, $9k per month in new profit by using our lead generation system.

Dr. Kusher

“I had to make a decision to take this in-house and take control of it, rather than depending on somebody else to do it for us. If you're thinking about doing this, kudos to these guys, these guys are the real deal."

$40k in new revenue in first 10 days. Over $300k in new revenue in his first 6 months of using our system.


“I don't normally make review videos, but I felt that I needed to... I met Tyler about a year ago and he started helping and coaching me. I get more leads than I can even handle. Quality is fantastic all the clients are really receptive."

Made over $220k in 6 months using our system for his Seal Coating business.


"I tried a couple of ads on my own not knowing what I was doing and it didn’t work. My average was 1 or 2 clients per month. Now that I've met you, I’m getting phone calls every day. Huge difference."

Scaled Brain Train Centers from 1 to 7 locations using our system.


“Tyler's knowledge and experience with online lead gen have really taken our business to the next level. His methods make the process so simple."

Went from having no way to get leads to a database filled with over 2000 leads in just 4 months.

Judith & Bill

“If I could describe them in one word I would say phenomenal.”

Scaled up their health center to over $200k/ month in revenue.

Dr. Murphy

“By far the best marketing I have ever done... The quality of patients that I'm getting is outstanding... His program works... It is insane how easy it is..."

$30k in new revenue in his first 45 days. Over $100k in his first 3 months. In-house system that will bring him over $350k/year.

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