Case Studies

Business owners add, on average, $9k per month in new profit using our system ($108k per year).

Dr. Kusher

“I had to make a decision to take this in-house and take control of it, rather than depending on somebody else to do it for us. If you're thinking about doing this, kudos to these guys, these guys are the real deal."

$40k in new revenue in first 10 days. Over $300k in new revenue in his first 6 months of using our system.


"I tried a couple of ads on my own not knowing what I was doing and it didn’t work. My average was 1 or 2 clients per month. Now that I've met you, I’m getting phone calls every day. Huge difference."

Scaled Brain Train Centers from 1 to 7 locations using our system.


“I don't normally make review videos, but I felt that I needed to... I met Tyler about a year ago and he started helping and coaching me. I get more leads than I can even handle. Quality is fantastic all the clients are really receptive."

Made over $220k in 6 months using our system for his Seal Coating business.


“Tyler's knowledge and experience with online lead gen have really taken our business to the next level. His methods make the process so simple."

Went from having no way to get leads to a database filled with over 2000 leads in just 4 months.

Dr. Murphy

“By far the best marketing I have ever done... The quality of patients that I'm getting is outstanding... His program works... It is insane how easy it is..."

$30k in new revenue in his first 45 days. Over $100k in his first 3 months. In-house system that will bring him over $350k/year.

Judith & Bill

“If I could describe them in one word I would say phenomenal.”

Scaled up their health center to over $200k/ month in revenue.


“It was an $1100 payout in less than 11 hours... It's been just a little over 30 days. We're already at over $8,000 in new revenue. I'm spending less money than I was on old advertising methods and making 10 times more money."


“We have tried every type of marketing platform that is out is out in the marketplace and have found that Tyler is outstanding and one of the best investments we've made for our marketing. It's a great experience, we've already built our base of clientele. The people that are coming in want to invest in their health and wellness. I would highly recommend the software and the investment. It was an immediate response and return on investment."


"It's been a wonderful journey. The result has been truly astounding. We have more than doubled our leads in our clubs. They give us real statistics and real results."

Dr. Meints

“I can't even spell Facebook. In fact I break out in a rash when I even hear the term social media. Tyler and his crew are very easy to work with, they're available and they stand by their product 100%. My office is attracting 50 new leads per month. I'm converting about 1 per week that will net me $2500 each. These are additional cases, cases I wouldn't have seen ordinarily."

Dr. Mike

“What I loved about Tyler's training is that he shows you how to easily understand the metrics so that you can successfully scale. I spent thousands of dollars on these other digital marketing companies and coaching and training. Just the sales training alone helped me completely change how I interacted with new consults. I upped my conversion rate big time. "


“The information, advice, and systems that I learned from Tyler have completely changed my practice. I was struggling to create awareness for my practice and I took the HealthClients training and was blown away by how organized it made me in my practice. It took a complex topic like Marketing and Sales and simplified it."

Vladimir & Yadira

“At the end we are spending less money on ads, avoiding marketing fees and getting better results…”


"Didn't know what to expect. They look so young. They're skilled and knowledgeable. I had a nice ROI on my campaigns. Two thumbs up. Keep going guys."

Dr. Scott

“We were able to get a lot of people well… Our return on investment was amazing, like 9 times what we paid… Having done a lot of advertising over the years, everything from full page ads in newspapers, to live TV shows once a week, to radio, I could tell you that this is an amazing cost effective way to get a lot of people in your office, to get them helped."


"If you're looking for a way to get new clients you have to give them a call. They've been nothing but helpful. I appreciate you Tyler. Thank you so much. Give him a shot."


"Tyler has helped my business grow. His lead generation and knowledge about marketing have helped me tremendously. My business has grown bigger than it's ever been. I'm generating more leads than we've ever had. Their customer service is exceptional."

Dr. James

"This is the secret sauce..."

Ready to scale up your local business?

Ready to scale up your local business?

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Copyright ©️ 2020 ScaleLocal. All rights reserved.